Does your website serve your mission?



Your nonprofit's website is a tool that should be used to engage, interact with, and mobilize your audience – a tool that should ultimately inspire action.
  • Focus on Homepage

    Prioritize content, make sure visitors can scan through easily, provide action items.

  • Share Your Mission

    Sixty percent of all prospects check out your nonprofit's website before acting, and therefore you should tell them why they should participate and what impact it will make.

  • Use Compelling Imagery

    "Regardless of what your content actually says, the design around it controls what the users see first and how their eyes move across the sections of the page." –Jason Gross, "The Role of Design in the Kingdom of Content"

Maximize compatibility with desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Nonprofit Experience

Our consultants know what it's like to manage a nonprofit.  We have worked on both sides: as nonprofit employees and serving as industry consultants.

Everything that you do is subject to approval by your Board of Directors.  We help you to form a vision, choose technology that is proven to work, , accurately project the costs, and deliver a compelling proposal to your Board.  We also know that it may take a while to get your project approved and budgeted.

After your Board approves a technology project, they expect a fast delivery. We plan and work hard with your team to assure that a quality result is delivered on-time, and within budget.

All successes with technology require serious commitment to training, maintenance and support. We stand by you after your roll-out to make sure you continue to impress your Board and constituents.




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Our team has in-depth knowledge and experience from serving nonprofits like yours for over 20 years.

Nonprofit Experience

Nonprofit Experience

We have worked with over 100 nonprofits on their technology goals.

Website Technology

Website Technology

We have launched nonprofit websites using DNN, WordPress, Custom HTML, ASP.NET, Coldfusion, and many proprietary AMS system.


Beautiful Designs

Our designers keep you current with the latest design trends and multimedia technology.

Databases & Accounting

Databases & Accounting

Our team includes former Controllers and CFOs of nonprofits. We understand how information needs to flow from all systems to the back office accounting system.